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Diabetes is a chronic health condition that affects how your body turns food into energy.


Nephrology is a specialty within the internal medicine field related to kidney care.


Urology is a part of health care that deals with diseases of the male and female urinary tract..

Kidney Transplant

A kidney transplant is a surgery done to replace a diseased kidney with a healthy kidney.

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Salem Gopi memorial Hospital was inaugurated on 6-12-1981 in fond remembrance of the beloved brother of Dr.K.Janakiraman, the Chairman of this hospital. Salem Gopi memorial Hospital Private Limited is one of the leading multispecialty hospitals in Salem. It specializes in diabetology, Nephrology and trauma care since the last 30 years. This is the first “Multispecialty Hospital” in Salem to get an ISO 9001 2001 Certification. The hospital has a team of dedicated doctors, dieticians, patient Educators, Nurses, Physiotherapist and other all trained professionals committed to the welfare of the patients. It also has an ongoing staff education and training programmes with emphasis on competent and humane care for the patients. Our hospital has a total of 75 beds, a 10 bed Intensive Care Unit, Dialysis, Operation Theatre with the state of art facilities. Round the clock emergency, Intensive Care Unit, Pharmacy and Clinical Lab facilities are available. We also organize Residential Internship Programme for Nursing and Nutrition Students on an annual basis. The management of the hospital would like to maintain constant high quality Health care and as indicators of that we would like to upgrade ourselves to be the certified by NABL and NABH.


To become a Global Centre of Excellence for kidney care.


To become the most preferred and leading kidney care hospital providing affordable quality service to its customers, by implementing lean concept and by developing efficient and enthusiastic team.

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Getting an accurate diagnosis can be one of the most impactful experiences that you can have.

All Dr Op

The postoperative ward is considered an ideal nursing environment for stable patients .

Diet Op

Eating and drinking regularly in hospital are as important to your health and wellbeing medication.


A pharmacy is a department that prepares, compounds, stocks and dispenses inpatient medications.


The relating of causes to the effects they produce; the pathogenesis of disease and epidemiology.


The clinical laboratory of a hospital utilizes samples of fluids or tissues from patients to identify disease .


Physiotherapists help people affected by injury, illness or disability through movement and exercise.


If we having kidney failure means dialysis is a procedure to remove waste products and excess fluid from the blood .

Operation Theatres

An operating theater is a facility within a hospital where surgical operations are carried out .

X-Ray Scan

X-ray imaging creates pictures of the inside of your body. The images show the parts of your body .

Our Expertise

Gopi hospital offers many services if you need expert guidance about your health. There are several hospital departments, each managed by a diverse group of healthcare experts, with some crossover between them.

The Department of Nephrology provides comprehensive and compassionate care to patients suffering from acute and chronic renal illnesses. The department’s transplant facilities are designed to provide exceptional care and successful outcomes even in ABO-incompatible transplants. Our group of skilled medical professionals is renowned for its outstanding clinical abilities and for treating patients of all ages, from children to adults.

Diabetology is a subspecialty of endocrinology concerned with diagnosing, treating, and management of Diabetes Mellitus. Diabetes affects millions worldwide, especially in Asia and Asians. A Diabetologist manages Diabetes by controlling medication (dose and timing) and nutrition. Additionally, he recognizes probable diabetic complications such as retinopathy, nephropathy, peripheral neuropathy, and diabetic foot ulcers early on, reducing the patient’s risk of morbidity and mortality.

The Department of Urology at Gopi Hospital provides modern and specialized urological care that meets worldwide standards. The department treats urological tumors, urinary tract infections, renal disease, reconstructive urology surgery, laparoscopic urology, erectile dysfunction, stone disease, pediatric urology, prostate disorders, pediatric renal transplant, and andrology. Urologists are specialists in using the most recent laparoscopic and laser technologies to treat patients.

Kidney transplantation, also known as renal transplantation, is transplanting a kidney into a patient with end-stage kidney disease. Depending on the source of the donor organ, kidney transplantation is often categorized as either deceased-donor or living-donor transplantation.    A kidney transplant can be performed on anyone, regardless of age, as long as they have overall health that can withstand the major surgery, there is a strong possibility of transplant success, and the person is aware of and willing to cooperate with taking immunosuppressant medications after the transplant to prevent rejection of the new organ by the body’s immune system

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Getting an accurate diagnosis can be one of the most impactful experiences that you can have — especially if you’ve been in search of that answer for a while. We can help you get there.

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